Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I skipped today...and I'm not sorry

Ever since November when I started my new current job, I've been go go go. And I've loved it. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have found that if I am not constantly doing something rewarding, such as work or school, that is when I get in my dark hole of a rut where its really hard for me to pull myself out. So, I've been embracing it - jam packing my schedule and giving myself little down time. Even if I am doing something like watching TV, I feel as though I need to be doing something more. So I use the time to research graduate programs and what exact line of work I want to do within my field. 

Things like laundry, cleaning and working out get shoved to the side a lot of days. A former version of myself literally could not care less about any of those these. But my current self cares. A lot. I like coming home to a clean bedroom where I can sit at my desk and not feel overwhelmed by what's around me. I like waking up and knowing that that outfit I thought of as I was falling asleep is clean and ready to wear, and not have to play "let's guess what's clean in my closet".

So today, I skipped out of school after my first class. It wasn't something I planned, but it was totally necessary and I'm glad I did it. When I was driving home last night I got stuck in traffic from an accident and somehow the driving just got to me - normally I don't have an issue with it. But I started feeling a migraine coming on and somehow strained my neck and both only seemed to get worse overnight. And then I just had one of those mornings where the little things just didn't seem to work out in my favor. My favorite jeans barley shimmied over my ass and I couldn't for the life of me find one of a billion solid white or black cami's I own. I encountered the oddest traffic patterns I have experienced in my hundreds of drives to SSU and was way too on edge / annoyed with people in my first class. I just knew I needed a break. I needed to take time for myself and get those boring life things like laundry and cleaning together so such meaningless crap we all have to deal with on a daily basis didn't get me so riled up.

And you know what? I already feel better. I mean, I have a still have a headache and that's definitely annoying me, but I feel a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel prepared for the rest of the week and beyond. I don't need to play catch up anymore and can just stay on top of little stuff.

So I say, skipping stuff is okay sometimes. Especially when its for reasons other than laziness. Do what you need to do to better YOU. And don't let anyone make you think you don't know what's best. 


Samantha @ Life is But a Stream of Thoughts said...

I definitely agree! You have to take care of yourself, and sometimes that means pushing other things aside!

Jen said...

Always take care of yourself! As my husband says always look out for #1 and that's you!